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2019 Impact Survey


We delivered 667 beds and dream kits to 300 families.


189 families (63 %) completed a survey.



Three months after delivery,

  • All but 7 of the families (96%) were living in the same home where we delivered the beds.

  • All but 3 families (98%) were still sleeping in their beds


Previous Sleeping Conditions

Before receiving their beds, the children were sleeping

  • on an air or other mattress (62, 32%)

  • on the floor (42, 22%)

  • with a sibling, parent, or grandparent on a bed or an air mattress (49, 26%)

  • on another bed (old, soiled, with bed bugs, uncomfortable) (26, or 14%)

  • on a couch (12, or 6%)

Improved Sleep

148 of the families (78%) report noticing that their children’s sleep had improved since receiving their new beds and dream kits.

Specifically, families reported that their children:

  • Fall asleep more easily at night, have a better sleep routine, and some are even “excited” about bedtime.

  • Are sleeping longer.

  • Are more comfortable and are now sleeping through the night without interruption.

  • Are waking up feeling refreshed while others are hard to wake up in the morning, as they are sleeping so deeply.

  • Are no longer complaining of aches and pains in the morning or whining at night.


Several parents talked about how the improved sleep helps their children recover – from illness, from a concussion, and from the trauma of experiencing homelessness.

Other comments include,

  • Sleep has improved “dramatically”

  • 8-year-old son “wakes up energized. It makes a huge difference to lay down on an actual bed and get those 6 to 8 to 10 hours.”

  • “Since they are not sleeping as close to the floor, they are no longer waking up with stuffy noses.”

For children who used to share a bed with a parent or sibling, everyone is sleeping better now in their own space.

  • While parents enjoyed snuggling with their children, they are not missing being kicked in their back.

  • One mom shared that she sleeps better just knowing that her child has his own bed.

Home Behavior

106 families (56%) reported noticing positive changes at home since their children received their beds and dream kits, including that their children,

  • Love or are so excited about their new beds.

    • “They are excited about having their beds – the first that they've ever had.”

    • My son loves the “privacy of having his own bed.”

    • They love their matching sheets.

  • Seem “happier,” or more calm, with some getting along better.

    • Kids are “less anxious about what's going to happen.”

    • Fewer temper tantrums.

    •  “Less crabby”

    • They are more excited now than ever.

    • One mom said her daughter “used to be crabby in the morning; now she gets up and dances a jig. She laughs in the morning now.”

    • “It calms them down. They go into their own room and do their own thing - read books, watch their phone. They are in their own space, not bugging each other.”

  • Are keeping their beds made and taking care of their new space.

    • “Happier to help with chores now.”

  • Are more energetic.

  • Have a better attitude.

  • Are spending more time in their rooms.

    • One said, “They like to sit on their beds to read and set up their toys.”

    • “They nap on their beds and have playtime there.”

    • “They are more apt to go in their room for quiet time when they are having outbursts.”

    • One mom talked about her teenagers coming home from school and spending all afternoon hanging out on their beds.

    • “They love being in their beds. They are comfortable and love the blankets.”

    • “My daughter sits in her bed and does her doll's hair; my son likes to look at his tablet in his bed.”

  • Feel more secure.

    • One mother shared that her son is more interested in going home than he had been before.

  • Have increased appetites.

  • Have a better schedule, including a nighttime routine.

Several families mentioned the impact on their children’s social life.

  • “My daughter has more friends spending the night than she did before because it was embarrassing that we were sleeping on the floor.”

  • “He feels more confident when his friends come over to play because he actually has a room now.”

One mom said that for her four children (two teenagers), “It has been therapeutic. When they are going through something hard, they go to their bed and cuddle and relax. It's safe; it's warm. They are very grateful and appreciative.”


School Performance or Behavior

82 families (43%)[1] noticed positive changes related to their children’s school experience since receiving their new beds. Families reported that their children

  • Used to fall asleep at school and now they are able to stay awake and pay attention.

    • “My older daughter is not falling asleep at her desk or in the bean bag chairs.”

  • Are better able to focus, listen, and concentrate.

    • One specifically mentioned that two of her children, a daughter with ADHD and a son with sickle cell anemia, are able to focus more at school.

    • Another reported, “The teacher thinks they are less hyper and more focused.”

    • “More alert and less dragging.”

  • Have improved academic performance.

    • In one family, all three children made honor roll this time, when only one had in the past.

    • “My daughter actually goes into her room to do her homework now. Her grades have improved a little bit.”

    • Another child had made “tremendous” progress in school.

    • “Last year, we had problems with him turning in his work. This year, since school has started, he hasn't had one missed assignment.”

    • “He’s always been above grade level in both reading and math, but his reading scores have improved since getting his new bed.”

  • Are behaving better.

    • One family said their child was “less cranky” and spending less time away from class.

    • Another that their 10-year-old was making fewer disruptions in class.

    • “Less behavior notes coming home now.”

    • “Less restless” at school.

    • “Better behavior and attitude.”

    • “I haven’t gotten a phone call from school in over two months.”

  • Are getting up and going to school more easily.

    • One family spoke of their child getting to school on time more regularly now without her mom having to “drag” her there.

    • Another said, “he gets up on his own now and actually wants to go to school.”

  • Have a better attitude about school.

    • Combining all of these factors, one family said, “he's doing better in school because he's not falling asleep in class; he's more focused; he's more of a leader. His teacher just called, gushing about him.”

Thank you

Nearly all of the families expressed gratitude for My Very Own Bed’s work, many commenting that were it not for this program, they would not have been able to get beds for their kids.

  • We appreciate their hard work. The delivery really helped us out, as it would have been difficult for our family to pick up the bed. We also appreciated being kept in the loop about delivery day and time-great communication. We appreciate what the program is all about. For our family, it would be hard for us to get her a bed when she needed one.

  • My Very Own Bed is so . . . I don't even have a word to describe how great it is. I am personally so grateful because it made a huge difference in our lives.

  • One single mom said how helpful this was, as this was the first time her 15-year-old daughter has had her own room and now her own bed.

  • Another mom of 12-year-old twin girls explained the importance of their having their own space and privacy now (they previously shared a queen bed with their mom).

  • Thank you because it really has made a difference in such a short amount of time. It can only get better from here.

  • “It was a real pleasure working with you. It had been so long since there had been any kind of stability here in any aspect here. It was like a miracle. Thank you so much for everything you do. We really appreciate it.”

  • “We are very happy that you guys came through for us because my kids are way more comfortable. We really appreciate your help.”

  • “It is a great inspiration for the family to get beds for their children.”

  • “It is a great opportunity for people who cannot afford beds for their kids. I got three bed sets for under $100. You can't match that anywhere.”

  • “My kids were very excited about receiving new beds and it relieved a lot of stress not having to find or pay for them.”

  • “Without that program, I don't know where I would have gotten the beds. It helped me and my kids a lot. The fact that they have their own beds is huge.”

  • “To go from going to sleeping in our mini van to my kids having their own beds has made a huge difference. It has allowed us to rebuild as a family.”

  • “This is the best thing my son could have received. . . . My son now gets a good night's rest.”

  • “For those who are in a bind, which we were, it's amazing. I can't thank you guys enough. It's nice to keep those babies close, but we all need our own space.”

  • “This is the best thing that I've had happen to my children and to me as a mother. . . . Now they get the proper sleep that they need.  I was in tears when they came here - brand new, in the plastic - pillows, sheets, everything.”

  • “It was a huge blessing for us. We had been homeless for two years after experiencing domestic violence. I could not have afforded beds for them. You guys were the first people who were in my home and hugged me here. It was a life-altering moment. The kids were so excited when they came home.”

The families gave several shout-outs to our volunteers, including stating,

  • They were very kind and generous.

  • They were talkative and nice; and very fast.

  • The volunteers were good, hard-working.

  • We appreciate the great job the volunteers did in delivering the beds and setting them up.

  • They were very professional and helpful. I'm glad they help set up the beds.

  • So grateful for volunteers for being so gracious and setting up the bed. They didn't look at us with a sideways glance like some people do when you receive help.

  • The volunteers were polite and helped a lot; we're really blessed and grateful for your work.

  • The staff who delivered were polite, respectful, and kind.

  • The volunteers were awesome! They helped set it up and they did it quickly and well and had good things to say.

  • The people who delivered were so kind and happy to help.

  • The volunteers came with children, and that was really great.

  • “They were very knowledgeable about the importance of sleep.”

  • “I loved your volunteers. The people worked really fast, and were really friendly.”

  • “You guys make it an awesome experience - bringing it in and setting it up, working as a team.”

  • “The people who delivered were friendly and helpful.”


[1]12 families said they received their beds at the start of summer break so had not had time to see the impact on school yet.

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