In the first six months of 2021, we delivered 541 Beds to 227 Families throughout the metro area:




























  • 147 (65%) families experienced homelessness in the last year

  • 173 (78%) families were single-parent led,  162 (73%)  led by single moms.

  • 89% of families self-identified as










  • 98% of families were still living in the home where beds were delivered

  • 97% of the children were still sleeping in their new bed. 


Prior Sleeping Arrangements

  • Before receiving the beds, children slept,












86 Families (37%) completed our Impact Survey 4-8 weeks after delivery, and this is what we learned:


Sleep Improvements

Families report that 86% of the children were sleeping better, including:


  • Parents also commented:

    • My child is very active, so they get tired throughout the day. This bed allows my child to properly rest and recover!

    • My child knows when to go to bed, goes to bed on their own sleep schedule, and knows their bed is for sleeping

    • They aren’t afraid to sleep in their room, they look forward to sleeping alone now!

    • My child used to have nightmares and would end up sleeping with me, now they sleep the whole night by themselves!


Behavioral Changes

            Families noticed positive behavior changes in 64% of children, including:

  • Parents also commented:

    • My child cleans up after themselves now!  I don’t have to ask them to, they read books and are doing things they were not doing before!

    • Their room means more now because they have all the things they need now. They enjoy the theme of their room and they are so proud of their bed. They want to show their room to family and friends! They always say "Do you wanna see my room?" to whoever comes over.

    • They used to have to wait for everyone to go to sleep but now they can go to their rooms and take a nap whenever they want

    • They are more confident and they have less anxiety because my child doesn't have to share a bed with his mom and sibling.


School Performance

Families noticed that 52% of children experienced positive changes in their school performance, including:


  • Parents also commented:

    • My child is in daycare and barely has bad days and is receiving high marks from their teachers!

    • There are no problems at school, my child is even getting student of the month!

    • My child is getting up and is doing their school work in the morning!

    • They aren’t always tired and are more comfortable now!


Families also shared:


“Overall it was great, the bed frame was easy to put together, I am not a handy person but it was easy to figure out, and again, thank you, it changed my baby's nights, they can sleep comfortably!”


“I think it's a great program. It gives a different experience when they have their own things and are not sharing things. It gives them their own identity.”


“It was a great experience. It was pretty cute once I talked to my daughter's teacher. It was really thoughtful that the beds come with the complete set. It was easy to put up, and the kids really appreciate having beds of their own.


“My daughter loves the teddy bears, the older kids don't care much for the bears, but they love the books!  My daughter loved her sheets, my kids are so appreciative and so am I! “


“ They were very prompt and the volunteers were so helpful! My kids not only enjoyed receiving the beds and the stuffed animals and the books, but now my child sleeps with the stuffed animal every night, we are so appreciative!”

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