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A Good Night's Sleep 

My Very Own Bed's mission is to provide new beds and linens to children of families that have recently secured stable housing. 


My Very Own Bed was created to help families get one step closer to thriving in their new homes. By providing beds and linens to kids who need them, we’re making those new homes more livable and restful. By making sure the beds and linens are new, we’re giving kids and families something all their own — not a hand-me-down.

The impact from a bed provides children who experienced homelessness a comfortable, safe place to sleep. In doing so, children and families will experience the benefits of sleep which can include improved attendance and increased performance at school, and the ability to maintain attention and emotional stability.


My Very Own Bed’s mission is to provide new beds to children ages 2-17 in families who have recently moved into more stable housing in the Twin Cities metro area. With each bed, we also provide a “dream kit,” which includes a set of sheets, a pillow, a mattress pad, a book, a blanket, and a stuffed animal.

Please consider giving today so more children have the opportunity to start the school day right - by getting a good night's sleep.

We thrive because of the generosity of our community. One way to contribute is by volunteering your time.

The impact of poor sleep is far-reaching and can affect a child’s development, emotions, memory, and academic potential.

MVOB provides children with renewed comfort and security that they have a personal stable sleeping space & a caring community offering support.  This support increases resiliency and healthy development. These beds are a tangible form of on-going love, belonging, and security -Beth O. St. Paul Public Schools

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