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Generous hearts willing to give their time and money make it possible for us to deliver dreams to children! There are a variety of ways to get involved and make a difference.


Volunteer to help children thrive tomorrow. Our volunteers see the immediate impact we have on the community.

  • Give your time. Volunteer to deliver beds and dream kits to children.

  • Gather the goods. Host a donation drive or blanket making event with friends, family, or colleagues.

Donate to deliver dreams to children today. As our funding and network grow, our ability to impact even more kids’ lives grows with it.

  • Make a financial donation.  Join our Dream Team or give a one-time donation online or through stocks. Every gift makes a difference.

  • Purchase a Dream Kit. Donate sheets, blankets, pillows, mattress pads, stuffed animals, or books. Our registries make it easy: Target and Amazon.

Celebrate the impact you help us make. Our annual Beds & Bluegrass fundraiser is a time to reflect on the children’s lives impacted and look ahead to the lives we can change in the future.

  • Save the date! Typically held the first Saturday in December.

Spread the word to impact even more children’s lives!

Volunteer Alyse Get Involved Webpage.jpg

Volunteers like Alyse donate their time to deliver beds to children in the community.

Donate Medtronic Get involved

Donation drives hosted by individuals and organizations help us collect Dream Kit items.

Michael reading book to girl_Get Involve

At My Very Own Bed, we believe in building relationships, giving back, and the notion of youth-serving youth to help build a stronger community. Moments like these are possible because of the ongoing support of the community, volunteers, and financial contributors.

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