2020 Impact Survey - Nine-Month Summary

In the nine months of 2020,

  • We delivered 671 beds to 284 families.

  • 223 (78%) of the families had experienced homelessness

  • 203 (71%) are single-parent families, with all but four of those led by single women

With respect to the race of children,

  • 148 families (52%) identified their children as African American

  • 15 families (5%) identified their children as biracial, multiracial, or mixed race

  • 13 families (4.5%) said Native American or American Indian

  • 11 families (4%) said their children were Hispanic

  • 9 families (3%) said their children were White or Caucasian

  • 3 families (1%) said Asian.

  • 2 families said Karen

  • 1 family each said Hmong, Lebanese, and Pacific Islander

  • And 80 families (28%) did not indicate their children’s racial identity

174 families (61%) completed a survey


Three months after delivery,

  • All but 5 (97%) were living in the same home where we delivered the beds.

  • All but 5 (97%) said their children were still sleeping in their new beds.

Previous Sleeping Conditions

Before receiving their beds, the children were sleeping

  • on an air or other mattress (58, 33%)

  • with a sibling or parent(s) on a bed or air mattress (39, 22%)

  • on the floor (31, 18%)

  • on a couch (14, or 8%)

  • on an old bed (10, or 5%)

  • crib (2, 1%)

Improved Sleep

136 of the families (78%) reported noticing that their children’s sleep had improved since receiving their new beds. Specifically, families said

  • Their children sleep more or longer

    • “10-year-old boy didn't hardly sleep at all, and now he sleeps great. Right after he got the bed, he slept 10 hours straight. Now he sleeps more regularly.”

    • “She takes longer naps now.”

    • “They sleep longer and better, and they are on a better sleep routine.”

  • The new beds are more comfortable

    • “He’s getting better quality sleep than crunched up on a couch all night.”

    • “They love how the sheets feel against their skin. It calms them down to fall asleep.”

    • “The kids are not so scrunched up next to each other. They are so happy and more comfortable.”

  • Their children no longer complain of aches.

    • “They used to wake up hurting.”

    • “Their old beds were giving them crooks in their necks.”

  • They now sleep through the night

    • “not up at all hours of the night”

    • They stay in their own beds now. Used to climb into bed with mom.

    • “They are in their beds all night and not roaming around the house like they used to.”

    • “They used to have to re-blow the air mattresses every hour or two.”

  • They go to bed more easily at night:

    • “I fall asleep more easily now because it’s really comfy.”

    • 4-year-old goes to bed by himself at 7:30 – [the bed] made a huge difference.”

    • “They don't fight going to bed now; when asked, they go lay down in their space.”

    • “My daughter, especially, used to not go to bed until 2:00 a.m. and now goes to bed at 9 p.m.”

    • “Having the beds help with a bedtime schedule because the kids are in their bed now and not out in the living room where there was still commotion late at night.”

School Performance or Behavior

69 families (40%)[1] noticed positive changes related to their children’s school performance or behavior at school since receiving their new beds. Families notice,

  • Ready to start the day

    • “They’re happier to get up and go to school now or to their computer to start their work.”

    • “Getting up earlier and able to complete his work”

    • “They like getting up and getting going now.”

  • Improved attitude about school

    • “My high-functioning autistic child is now eager to learn.”

    • “He actually likes talking to his teachers all day now.”

    • “Before we got the beds, they were not excited about doing their online learning. Now they are so excited to start their day. They use their bed for their online classes.”

  • Better able to concentrate, more focused

    • “Better memory and focus; peers and teachers have noticed.”

    • Son “had lost a lot of focus in school. He used to be on the honor roll. By the end of January, he hit A honor roll and was student of the month. It helps to have his own space.”

    • They got more of their schoolwork done; they were able to follow their lessons better.

  • More energetic

    • “My daughter used to doze off during class. She doesn’t do that anymore.”

    • “It helps with her energy and thinking.”

    • “He has a lot more energy to do it—even the distance learning.”

  • Academic achievement

    • “They are more prepared to learn.”

    • “They like to do their homework on their bed; they get their homework done.”

    • “My son, who has autism and ADHD, is doing way better in math. His attention span improved, and he doesn't get as irritable.”

  • Improved behavior

    • “ The 4-year-old used to act out, and now with the bed, does better at pre-k.”

    • “When she first started pre-K, she was not playing with others and was mean to some, but now she goes to her program and is having better days - good behavior.”

    • “Especially with my son with ADD. He is not as irritated from lack of sleep.”

  • More outgoing

Home Behavior

111 families (64%) reported noticing positive changes at home since their children received their beds. Families report that their children,

  • Spend more time in their rooms or on their beds

    • “They have more quiet time where they will go lay down and relax in their own bed.”

    • Sets up her dolls and stuffed animals on her bed

    • Older ones are sitting on their beds with their Chromebooks all day.

    • Sit on them to read or color.

  • Love having a bed of their own.

    • They “have a sense of pride in self.”

    • They are “happier having their own space.”

    • “Take more pride in their space and belongings.”

    • “She understands it's hers. She lays in it and puts her babies in it. She naps in it.”

    • “It is great that the three-year-old says ‘this is mine.’ They are proud of their beds. They love to be in their beds and won’t even let me sit on their bed.”

Are more responsible and independent.

  • In charge of making their own bed

  • Sleep on their own through the night

  • Help more about the house and walking the dog

  • “More responsible with chores.”

  • Have improved mental health

    • “The better they sleep, the better their day goes.”

    • “More playful and energetic”

    • “More laughter and joy.”

    • “No more crankiness when they wake up.”

    • “They were slightly depressed, and it’s gotten better.”

    • “More relaxed.”

  • Get along better

    • Less fighting between siblings

    • “Not so crabby or upset.”

    • “He tries to be more mature with his younger siblings. Less fighting and more taking care of them now.”

  • Listen more.

  • Are more alert and energized.

    • Getting up and being active and wanting to go outside and play for the day.

  • Are more confident.

  • Behave better.

  • “10-year-old's appetite has improved. He is more energized and gets his three meals in. He used to come home after school and crash and wouldn't eat.”

  • “The more stable sleeping situation helps prevent accidents at night.”


  • One dad spoke of the positive impact the bed has had on his daughter with cerebral palsy. She is sleeping better, crying less and feeling less frustrated during her therapies, and seems to be making great progress. She is also more independent and uses her bed as a place to play and read on during the day.

  • "I don't usually see enough good in the world. To see you and those kids come in and set up the bed was just a blessing. It is nice to know that is available for other families too." Thank you!

  • “We like the bags. We bring them to Target with us.”

  • “The people that came were really nice. The kids loved the extra things that came with it. My daughter loved the teddy bear and purple blanket with stars”

  • The people that delivered the beds were very respectful and helpful.”

  • “I appreciated them coming and setting up the beds and interacting with the children. I appreciate having the beds because otherwise my kids would still be sleeping on the floor.

  • “the gentleman that delivered gave him a hug, helped him set up. Called youngest a "big boy". He was awesome. It was dead winter - there was a mini blizard and he was still there and had a great attitude.It was a major deal.”

  • Thank you. It helps tremendously for the kids to have their own bed.

  • The whole crew was amazing. I really enjoyed their company. I felt like I’d known them for a long time.

  • “It was a big help.”

  • “You guys are amazing! My kids have always had to share beds and love having a bed of their own!”

  • “Thanks . . It was good for us coming out of shelter to get a bed for her. It makes the new home more ‘homey’.”

  • “To find out about this program through my son's school was awesome. I'm thankful. It can change people's lives. Sleep is everything.”

  • “I do visibly see the changes in my kids since they got their beds. When they wake up they are refreshed and energized. "it's like a breath of fresh air for them" to have their own, comfortable space to lie down on at night.”

  • “I moved to my apartment and a short time later, we all fell ill with Covid-19. This was the first place I've had since my divorce last year. Me and my three kids (all autistic) were sleeping on the couch. These are the first beds they've had in several years. They love their beds, they change their own sheets. It made my apartment a home. Thank you so much.”

  • “I really appreciate them bringing the beds out because it was a big weight off my shoulders. And it came with comforter sets.”

  • “The staff and volunteers were so kind and authentic. They did a great job of assessing the situation in their home and matching their temperament to it.”

  • “You guys had a great team. It couldn't have been better! The guy who delivered the bed squatted down and showed my son the magic book and told him that to be a magician, he had to get good sleep. He made it fun. It was awesome. That's all my son was talking about for a long time.”

  • “When I wrote down my things and people to be thankful for, you guys were on my list. At the time, I was going through a dark place. . . My child was sad about everything we lost - and he specifically mentioned his own room and his own bed. Just the fact he was able to have his own bed makes a big difference.”

  • “I just ran across my e-mail and I thought, "I need to reach out to them." It's such an amazing service you provide, and I'm so thankful. Without you, that'd still be sleeping on the one-inch mats from Costco. It was amazing. The people that delivered were so nice. There was a kid . . .helping deliver beds. I remembered him from when he was a little kid. It was great to see him older and mature and doing good things. And the blankets and the pillows - so great.”

  • “Everyone was heartwarming and welcoming to our family.”

  • “We are thankful that you help families in need. Without it, some of us might not have a bed. Nobody likes to sleep on the floor.”

  • “I would like to give a big thanks to all the volunteers and donors for delivering my kids’ beds, especially through Covid-19. They love their new beds and all their bedding as well we really appreciate you all.”

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