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Organization Summary

Founded in 2014, My Very Own Bed provides new beds and linens to children of families who have recently secured stable housing in the Twin Cities. By providing beds and linens to kids who need them, we help families get one step closer to thriving in their new homes, making them more livable and restful.

Our core values are:

  • Relationships First

  • Open to growth and improvement

  • Respect and dignity for all

Primary Duties

My Very Own Bed seeks to expand its Board of Directors. The Board provides strategic leadership as well as programmatic and financial oversight for the organization. The MVOB Board of Directors is a governing board of committed volunteers who contribute their time at board and committee meetings, handle organization administration, and volunteer in support of operations at special events.

Board Members serve a three-year term and are expected to:

  • Attend regular board meetings, five times each year, the third Thursday of every quarter and once at year-end.

  • Serve as an ambassador of My Very Own Bed, proactively building relationships across the community.

  • Lead strategically by evaluating programs, impact and performance of the organization. 

  • Actively engage in fundraising by helping identify and cultivate potential donors and supporting fundraising campaigns.

  • Provide financial oversight by approving financial statements and annual budgets.

  • Support, supervise, and review the performance of the Executive Director.

  • Knowing the organization's mission, programs, policies, and needs.

  • Ensuring the organization complies with legal requirements.

  • Actively participating in the overall strategic planning process and assisting in

  • Implementing and monitoring the plan’s goals.

Regular expectations and duties:
  1. Attendance at quarterly board meetings, plus online communication between meetings.

  2. Participating in fundraising and strategic planning efforts.

  3. Partnering with board members to lead planning of our annual fundraising event (several meetings per year plus individual time to complete tasks.)

  4. Staying informed about committee activities, preparing for meetings, and reviewing meeting minutes.

  5. Building collegial working relationships with board members, staff and donors.

  6. Utilizing skills, relationships and knowledge for the advancement of MVOB.

  7. Volunteering 2-3 times a year delivering beds.

In particular, My Very Own Bed seeks Board Members with business, legal, advertising, and strategic planning experience. Former board experience, work with homeless individuals, or direct experience with homelessness is a plus. Most important, however, is enthusiasm for our mission and core values.

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to

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