Impact of a Good Night's Sleep 

Homelessness and housing instability negatively affects a child’s health, development and education. Stable housing and a restorative night’s rest in a bed can give kids the boost they need to catch up to their peers in school and achieve their personal potential.

The Importance of Sleep 


  • Sleep helps you grow, stay strong and healthy – during sleep, growth hormones are released, tissues are repaired and inflammation that causes heart disease and diabetes is reduced

  • Sleep actually improves learning – during sleep, long term memories are formed and a well-rested mind shows signs of improved concentration and focus the next day

  • Sleep reduces your risk of obesity and diabetes – during sleep, metabolism and insulin levels are regulated so lack of sleep can affect hunger hormones and make you feel hungrier

  • Sleep can make you happier – sleeping well makes you feel less irritable and can be a first step in the treatment of depression

How much sleep do we need?

4 months – 3 years

4 – 13 years

14 – 17 years

18+ years

Hours of sleep

10 – 15 

9 – 11  

8 – 10 

7 – 9 

How to get better Sleep...


Here’s 5 easy ways to improve the sleep of everyone in your family.

Just, remember, S.L.E.E.P.

Slow down: Relax and wind down before bed. Try reading a book or taking a bath.

Lights out: The blue light from screens (TV, tablet, phones) can inhibit sleep, especially in kids. Turn off all screens 30-60 minutes before bedtime.

Excellent environment: Bedrooms should be dark and cool to promote healthy sleep.

Expected bedtime: Sticking to a consistent bedtime makes it easier to fall asleep, especially for kids. Most elementary-aged kids should be in bed before 8:30pm. 

Praise: Healthy sleep is important for everyone in your family so encourage each other to stick to a healthy sleep schedule.

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