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My Very Own Bed seeks inspiring youth leaders from middle and high schools across the Twin Cities Metro to serve on our Youth Advisory Board.

Our Youth Advisory Board

  • Creates opportunity for youth voice in My Very Own Bed’s mission and work.

  • Provides learning and leadership opportunities for youth, including

    • Teamwork and cooperation

    • Conflict resolution

    • Time-management and organization

    • Communication, public speaking, and negotiation skills

  • Builds community among the population receiving beds

Specifically, we are looking for youth ages 13-17 who have a desire to learn and grow and are willing

and able to:

  • Share their enthusiasm, experiences, and ideas

  • Inspire other youth and adults to take action

  • Listen, taking everyone’s opinions into consideration

  • Take initiative in coordinating activities and projects

  • Organize a project from start to finish

  • Communicate clearly

  • Collaborate with others involved in My Very Own Bed’s work, including staff, the Board of Directors, volunteers, and other supporters.

We seek to form a Board from a variety of metro locations and with a cross-section of race, ethnicity, age, gender, and socio-economic backgrounds as well as diverse skills, abilities, and preferences. Priority will be given to applicants who have received a bed from My Very Own Bed or who are recommended by a referral partner.

Service Details

  • The Board meets monthly for two hours, in-person at My Very Own Bed’s offices at 34 13th Ave. NE, Suite 106, Minneapolis, MN 55413. We currently meet the second Saturday of each month from 2-4 p.m.

  • My Very Own Bed will coordinate and pay for transportation to and from meetings, as needed; and provide food for each meeting.

  • We expect that each member will spend 4-5 hours per month in this role, preparing and attending meetings and engaging in projects determined by the group.

  • Each board member will receive a monthly stipend of $100 for their service.

Application Process

Applications are due May 17, 2024. There are two parts to a complete application:

  1. Youth must complete this application form and

  2. Recommenders complete this recommendation form.


We encourage youth to apply and request an adult in their life (teacher, supervisor, social worker, coach) complete the recommendation form. In the alternative, if you are an adult working with youth and have someone you would like to recommend, please reach out and encourage them to apply.

Any questions related to My Very Own Bed’s Youth Advisory Board and this application process may be directed to Meg Hobday at, 612-384-7219.

About My Very Own Bed

Founded in 2014 as a 501(c)(3) organization, My Very Own Bed’s mission is to provide new beds and linens to children of families who have recently secured stable housing in the Twin Cities. Our vision is to give every child a place to sleep well, dream, and find comfort in a space of their own. We focus on new beds for kids

because of the amazing power of sleep to keep kids healthy, to help them focus in school, and to reach their full potential.


Racial Equity Statement

Sleep is a foundational resource with many long-term health benefits, yet systemic inequities deny it to many children, particularly those facing racism. While we provide beds to all children referred to us by our partners, our own data confirms that a disproportionate number of children we provide beds to are from historically marginalized groups. Our work plays a role in addressing this disparity and seeks to advance racial equity within our organization and our community, by:

  • Treating everyone with dignity and respect

  • Identifying how the dominant culture influences our internal policies and practices, while seeking to create ones that honor and celebrate everyone’s experiences

  • Intentionally diversifying our organization and partnerships to include the voices of the communities and organizations we are honored to work with

  • Listening, learning, and growing from both our successes and mistakes

  • Being accountable to ourselves (both staff and board) and the community by regularly setting measurable goals and communicating about our plans and progress.


Consistent with the above racial equity statement, our core values are:

  • Relationships first

  • Respect and dignity for all

  • Open to growth and improvement

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